Theme For Design: making a statement with pottery


Ceramics and pottery can definitely make a statement! Just look at Clarice Cliff!

Ceramics go back in history and celebrate art, skill and craftsmanship. They come in so many different forms and you can pretty much be guaranteed to find them in every home.

I’m going to hone in on plates for a minute. Plates, I think are underestimated. Some plates you can find are definitely not for eating off but for design impact. Big or small, plain or vibrant; plates are it!

One way to use plates is to create a statement wall, use different shapes and sizes to make an ordered pattern or produce an ‘artistic organised mess’. You can be clever with geometry though; for anyone with low ceilings you can make them appear much higher by creating climbing columns of plates which get smaller in size as you get higher up the wall, you will need a ladder and a few plate wall hangers on hand.


Enough about plates now. My absolute favourite use of ceramics for decorative design are the works and antiques of Clarice Cliff pottery. She was an English ceramic artist active from 1922 to 1963. If you need to liven up a room or inject some colour have a look at Clarice Cliff or head to a car boot sale on a day you’re feeling lucky, you may find the odd take on a Clarice Cliff there if you don’t want to splash the cash. You could also try grabbing a few plain plates and find some bold primary paints- use Cliff’s block colour style on simple landscape, floral or sunset sketches.

Here are some of my favourite Clarice Cliff‘s.


There is one work of ceramic pottery that ties up any loose ends, queries or curiosities on whether ceramics can actually make your jaw drop and that’s this…

‘This large scale pot located on the landing at the top of the flight of stairs from the Painted Hall is Chinese Ladders by Felicity Aylieff . The form and design of the pot is inspired by the structure of bamboo scaffolding used by builders in China.’ (Contemporary Ceramics at Chatsworth post from ‘Down by the Dougie’, written October 2014)


….. just look at the size of it next to me! I found it on a recent trip to Chatsworth House, so for anyone out there with some serious cash and high ceilings I would definitely invest in something like this. It’s not just its size, it’s the abstract thick fast deep blue brush strokes and splashes of paint against the bone backwash that make sure that the wall is only a back drop to this superior piece of design.

Here’s some pics of my favourite pottery design for ideas on how to make a statement with plates and some of the best finds on the market (have a look at Anthropologie ‘House and Home’ section).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Best Wishes C.



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