Exploring For Design: trip to Chatsworth House

Snaps From The Trip



Inspiration From The Trip



The image on the left is a chair found at Chatsworth House which illustrates the 19th Century’s love for expensive floral materials and dramatic sculptured chair backs, heads and legs. We can take this style and bring it into the 21st century (shown by the image on the right). The elegant floral print and sculptured frame is still present, however the print is bolder, lighter and the chair is painted an off white instead of gold. The shape of the chair is also much more modern with its large base instead of large back/head. This piece of design certainly can make an impact. Paired with a statement dark and block colour wall it can perfect a room with its flare and character. The chair on the right can be found at a fantastic mini shop called The Little Room; info below.

The Little Room interiors:

The Little Room, 263 Rose Lane, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 5HJ.

Facebook: @thelittleroomroselane


Highlight Of The Trip

Whilst at Chatsworth House I found an interesting work of art and design: Computer Portrait of Laura Burlington 2010, © Michael Craig-Martin. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery. Photo credit: Dave Morgan. It uses electronics and LEDs to illuminate a sketch of a portrait in numerous colours. A set number of colours was chosen by the artist and from that many different tones and combinations of these colours are used to fill the sketch and allow on lookers to see the portrait in (literally) many different lights.


Chatsworth House is an extraordinary place with rooms full of history, I definitely recommend a visit.

Best Wishes C.

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