Profiling For Design: Family Home


The target profile for design ideas from Chum this week, is the modern day family and its home. Busy, suburban living, rushed, fun, hardworking, varied interests and personalities all under the same roof.  It can be difficult to create a home that engages every member of the family. However, I think I know of one place where this box is securely ticked. Home. It embraces a unique, vibrant and electric combination of designs that come together to produce a wonderful place to grow up.




I believe the trick is not to be afraid of colour. You can see above two variations of the same area. Both effective in their own right. The first pano shows a dark and rich navy blue (Crown paint,Oxford Blue®) paint on the walls which is daring but if you go for it you can see the brilliant ability of the dark shade to frame every element of the room. The panos underneath show off white walls that open up the area to light. Whether you go for a blank canvas or a dark tone on the walls, the use of colour is clever. Bursts of vibrancies come from the special objects, furniture, products, devices and art all dotted around the rooms. This is a fantastic way to bring a home to life. Once more with this method, there is flexibility to have fun moving objects around and mixing up the layout -you never get bored. Mixing both old/traditional and modern furniture provides diversity. For example, setting a mahogany antique dinning table with white polymer and stainless steal legged chairs surrounding it, gives your home character.

There is a special authenticity about this place which is the culmination of the layout of some smashing design touches.


A Scandinavian mustard colour chair, oversized sofas, patterned floral armchairs, massive paintings, children’s prints and retro toys, beautiful and strategic dining chairs, block geometric cushions, Japanese print/portraits, buddhas, bold table cloths (perfect for messy eaters) … right up to family heirlooms like a Steiff bear (Othello). This wide variety of objects with the ideal backdrop can make a family home personal and perfect. Moreover, the method of a block backdrop works well for a family home. It allows you to be as random as you like with the bold objects that bring all the family interests and history together. The next pano shows the same method of sparks of colour in a kitchen.



Two top tips for a unique design are:

  1. Hang an oversized mirror on a wall to make the room appear larger, more spacious and reflect the sunlight from a nearby window if you have one.

  1. Bring the outside in with outdoor statues, mosaics or furniture. This is a way of uniting a home and garden. A lot of outdoor objects are also much more durable and practical- less prone to destruction from the indoor football!


You don’t need to spend a lot on a colourful purchase. Just pick out some interesting shaped objects and try spray painting them with a bold colour. You can get a distressed/aged effect by using some glass paper or abrasive, to scrape away bits of the paint when it’s dry. Have a look at this jug. Placing it in the same area but in the opposite open room as the mustard chair, produces a harmony between the two spaces.


Remember to pick complimentary colours. Check out the colour wheel below. Colours opposite each other tend to compliment each other if you are after a contrasting impact. If you are not this brave go for different shades and tones of the same colour.

Colour wheel images sourced from:  1) and 2)



This family home is not just a ‘pit stop’ but a fantastic space that continues to put a smile on my face every day.


Best Wishes C.

Links and images for post are below:

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Utility Design – BENSEN EDWARD 245 SOFA-

Ikea – EKERÖ Armchair, Skiftebo yellow-


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