Theme For Design: Colour. Culture Fusion


Theme for design: Colour. Culture. Fusion

This next post and explosion of wacky ideas shows the design thinking behind the fusion of different colours and cultures.

After moving back down to London, for the first week in my second year at university, I was hit by the exciting and ‘on the go’ way of life. Whilst dashing about preparing for another year of study I came across a local quirky Japanese restaurant and stopped to peek through the window at the dining area. It was full of the most beautiful ornaments, cushions and lights. One thing in particular caught my eye. So much so, even the engine rumbling road cramped to the edge of the pave stone with vehicles of all shapes and sizes, did not distract me from a deep stare. It was the handcrafted Japanese print, laid across the walls as wallpaper is. It exhibited the perfect relationship of bold colours such as turquoise, rose red and burnt orange.

Over my summer break, I believed it to be unforgivable that I had not yet visited The National Portrait Gallery nor The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Therefore, I made it my business to go as soon as I got the chance. When I was there exploring, I saw the amazing Vincent van Gogh, Sunflowers (1888) painting! I gazed right into the painting to attempt to figure out the technique and direction of every brush stroke and it reminded me of my itching desire to paint. The painting technique seemed very similar to the wall art that I saw at the restaurant.

I am having a wonderful and very interesting time living in a small home near Hammersmith and Fulham. My experience is enlightened everyday by my housemates who come from everywhere! The combination of all of us together from the multitude of travel destinations or backgrounds that we all have next to our names, produces everyday life that is full of many different cultures. It’s fantastic, I have learnt so much about them all already.

With all of these inspirational moments, it was the discovery of the design store Mint London, {2 North Terrace, Alexander Square, London SW3 2BA}, that decided the theme for this post. Mint sells products that allow one to create a room that can achieve the success of displays with multiple personalities by subtly weaving them together with simplistic and unique objects and furniture positioned with intention.



Design Chum’s room concepts




Links for products within Chum’s concept design set up:

Foscarini Birdie Floor Lamp. £317.00

Abstract Sunrise Artwork
Bone Dining Chair
Bahir sofa COR ; Bahir sofa COR
Delphine Rug ; Delphine Rug
Stein World Delphi cocktail table
Bella Mirror Medium



Design Chum’s Final room layout for the theme: Colour. Culture. Fusion.




Links for products within Chum’s design set up:

Almond Blossom wallpaper
Per square metre, £26

Kalmar Sofa, £2, 200
Alfred (tripod floor lamp, in natural wood), £149

Rigby & Mac The Dulwich Trader
Velvet Cushions Blue, £34.95

Lali 5×7 Rug, £90

 Giant Jugs, £240 

Aula Nesting Coffee Table (copper and green glass), £399

Sedum Detail in Orange Lamp Shade – Large, £95

 Two Drawer Bedside in Yellow (Flavie), £610

Moresque Chair, £398.00


Have a gander through the above design layout ideas, be brave (especially if you have space in a large but funny shaped room). The theme of colour, culture and fusion is a way of bringing a confident and generous dosage of diversity to a home.

Best Wishes C.




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