Hi there I’m Connie your Design Chum!

I’m an undergraduate studying Design Engineering at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London. Design Chum is a site which explores how a variety of ideas and aspects of design can come together to create new and interesting looks. Chum is your design friend! A buddy who posts inspiration, ideas, top trends, picks and tricks.

Posts from Chum include:

  • ‘Theme For Design’ -where Chum posts ideas for gifts, decoration or lifestyle products with a random theme such as colour or comedy.
  • ‘Profiling For Design’ – where Chum creates a persona and user profile, then sparks inspiration and presentations of design for each.
  • ‘Exploring for Design’ -where Chum is here to entertain and show what discoveries have caught Chum’s eye when travelling to shops, iconic attractions or out and about.

You can comment below on the blog posts and pages to ask for a particular theme or persona. You can also ask Chum questions about your own design queries on the contact page. Location of the week will be there for you to explore on the home page and links posted on my site ready for you to get your hands on the latest innovations.

Chum will post top trends and market favorite products, places and works. So pop back and check it out for a look and for information on how you can have a go at recreating these design concepts yourself for a burst of colour and personality.

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Best Wishes C.